Shu Sasaki

I am a tenured lecturer in Number Theory and University Academic Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. As a UAF, I am supported directly by the QMUL Principal's Strategic Fund.

School of Mathematical Sciences,
Queen Mary University of London,
Mile End Road,
London E1 4NS,

Email address:

Until June 2019, I was an SFB/DFG research fellow affiliated to Vytas Paškūnas' group at Universitat Duisburg-Essen.

Until October 2012, I was an EPSRC postdoctoral fellow hosted by Fred Diamond at King's College London.

I was a Ph.D student of Kevin Buzzard. Which does not mean that I should have a website identical to his, but I somehow ended up having one.


"A Serre weight conjecture for geometric Hilbert modular forms in characteristic p, II", with F. Diamond, preprint.

"p-adic Gross-Zagier formula at critical slope and a conjecutre of Perrin-Riou-I", with K. Büyükboduk and R. Pollack, preprint, pdf.

"p-adic automorphic cohomology of Shimura varieties and weight one forms", in preparation (available on request). This ms, for example, proposes a criterion for identifying p-adic *classical* (holomorphic) weight one forms inside p-adic completed cohomology groups.

"A mod p Jacquet-Langlands relation and Serre filtration via the geometry of Hilbert modular varieties: splicing and dicing", with F. Diamond and P. Kassaei, Asterisque 439 (2023), pdf. Here is the link. Fred gave a talk in the ICM satellite conderence (Rio 2018) on automorphic forms and Galois representations and here are his notes.

"A Serre weight conjecture for geometric Hilbert modular forms in characteristic p", with F. Diamond, Journal of the European Mathematical Society 25 (2023), 3453-3536, pdf.

"Buzzard-Taylor and subsequent developments (in Japanese)", to appear in Proceedings of Number Theory Summer School 2016 "Introduction to p-adic theory of modular forms", pdf.

"A conjecture of Fontaine-Mazur and weight one forms over totally real fields", preprint, pdf.

"Integral models of Hilbert modular varieties in the ramified case, deformations of modular Galois representations, and weight one forms", Invent. Math. 215 (2019), 171-264, pdf. Here is the link.

"Modular lifting results in parallel weight one and applications to the Artin conjecture: the tamely ramified case", with P. Kassaei and Y. Tian, Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 2 (2014). Here is the link.

"On Artin representations and nearly ordinary Hecke algebras over totally real fields", Documenta Math. 18 (2013), 997-1038, pdf.

"\mu_{Aut} <= \mu_{Gal}", here. I was asked to write up notes for the lecture (90 minuites) I gave at the workshop "Around the Breuil-Mezard conjecture", organised by A.David and G.Wiese at University of Luxembourg (17/12/2012-18/12/2012). Apparently they are going to peer-review and publish these notes.

"Coleman's theory of p-adic modular forms", Proceedings of Number Theory Summer School 2009 "l-adic Galois representations and deformations of Galois representations", dvi. (Written primarily as a "reading aid" to some of the Coleman's papers for (under)graduate students in Japan who participated in the summer school. To the organisers' horror, however, I wrote this in English! Hopefully it serves more people though... According to Naoki, apparently I am the first one in the long history of Number Theory Summer School who committed the sin ;-))

"Analytic continuation of overconvergent Hilbert eigenforms", Compositio Math. 146 (2010), 541-560, dvi.

Lectures (research)

During lockdown, I gave a few Zoom talks in UK number theory seminars, and the slides I used in my talk are here if you are interested. I also gave a Zoom talk on my work with Fred about "Serre weight conjectures for geometic mod p Hilbert modular forms" in the study group organised by J. Newton (KCL) (who maintains a link to a complete set of notes). The slides I used in my talk are here.

The slides I prepared for the Montreal workshop "Serre weights conjectures and geometry of Shimura varieties" are here.

I gave a course (3 hours in total) on Hida theory and Coleman theory for graduate students in Germany. I texted up lecture notes. If you are interested, they are here.

I was teaching a course (2 hours per week for 5 weeks) on the p-adic numbers at London Taught Course Centre in January 2011 and 2010. It was meant to be introductory and accessible to first year graduate students in pure mathematics. Nowhere near complete (I did tex up what I had said and written on the boards though) but, *for those of you who needed to take the exam in the end*, I had been instructed by LTCC to type up lecture notes and upload them on a website. They are here, here, and here. I run out of steam by just typing them up and haven't read them again since. Let me know if you find typos or errors.

I gave a 50-mins talk in Antalya (Turkey) about a conjecture of Artin. Here are the slides I had prepared for the talk if you are interested.

Links *I* find useful

Inventiones Mathematicae, NUMDAM,

Kai-Wen's terrifying but extremely useful list of links,

Guardian, BBC, The New York Review of Books, Le Monde diplomatique (English), The New York Times, Oxford Dictionaries, HTML symbols etc.