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   Stedman is a fantastic method. You have bells coursing for a whole quarter of each course, and so consequently a couple of decent rows around each course-end, and loads of random music so that you're not distracted by music off the front or big-bell and little-bell music in the same course. I've composed a couple of peals of it. St Benet's, Cambridge, where Stedman may once have rung.
5184 (5076) Stedman Caters (PJE)
            231456789 (rounds)
     a      927468135 (queens)
     a      591483726 (rev tittums)
     a      657432198 (rev rounds)
     a      861429753 (rev queens)
     a      387495162 (tittums)
     b      453678912 (rounds)
a = s1,4,5,7,s9,10,12 (12 sixes)
b = 4,7,10,11,12,s14,s18 (18 sixes)

Contains rounds, queens, tittums, their
reversals and all cyclic rotations thereof.

For 5184, add pair of singles at 1 after 5
'a' courses in each part.
For 5076, miss pair of singles in one part.

5040 Stedman Cinques (PJE)
a 45312768E90T

30 part

a = 1,2,7,8,s10,14,17,19,21,s23,s25,27 (28 sixes)

Can be rung as a new differential hunter method
if you're that way inclined

5016 Stedman Cinques (PJE)
 35179E24680    a
 09E87654321    b
 12E34567890    c

a = 2s. (28 sixes)
b =
c = 3.6s. (26 sixes)

Contains rounds, queens, reverse rounds, and all
cyclic rotations thereof.

Shortly after I sent the above composition to the ringing chat mailing list, Philip Saddleton sent an improved version...
5016 Stedman Cinques (PABS after PJE)
 35179E24680    a
 9807654321E    b
 61E72839405    b
 12E34567890    a

a = 2s. (20 sixes)
b = 1s.4s.6.7.9s.12s.16.18 (18 sixes)
Contains rounds, queens, tittums, reverse rounds
and all cyclic rotations thereof.

A subsequent email correspondance between PABS, Ander Holroyd and myself produce several new cyclic compositions, including an absolutely fantastic Erin composition:
"Since all courses start with spppp, in 
addition to the 'magnificent 54' you get
all their companions obtained by permuting the
first 3 bells, half at handstroke  AND an 
additional six of 56789s, and another of 6789s
(so also 9876s, 1234s, 2468s, 7531s etc etc)!!"

5076 Erin Caters
Alexander E. Holroyd

 738495162   (a)
 975318642   (b)
 198765432   (b)
 615948372   (b)
 468135792   (b)
 345678912   (b)

(a) =  s1.s6.s9.10.s12.13 (14 sixes)
(b) =  s1.6.s9.10.14.15 (16 sixes)

The above composition was pealed in May 2003 (details). Ander subsequently produced a different composition on a similar plan, with more music. This was rung in November 2004 (details):
5022 Erin Caters
Alexander E Holroyd

 516273849    a
 891234567   5b

a = 1s.6.9s.10.12s. (23 sixes)
b = 1s.6s.9s.10.12s.13 (14 sixes)

Rounds, queens, tittums, their reversals, all cyclic 
rotations thereof, and all rows obtained from the above
 by permuting the front 3 bells; 216 4-bell runs at 
the back.

5184 Stedman Caters
Alexander E. Holroyd

a 162738495
b 318642975
b 432198765
b 948372615
b 792468135
b 678912345
9 part
a = (16)
b = 3s.5s.7s.14s (16)
Start with a full slow six

5292 Stedman Caters (PABS) - no singles
573924681    a
453678912   5b
a =
b = (16 sixes)

5184 Stedman Caters (AEH) - no singles, shorter length
full slow six start (16)
5*( (16) )
9 part

5184 Stedman Caters
3a 138269475
3b 759628413
9 part
a = (14 sixes)
b =
Start with rounds as last row of a slow six
(first bob at 2 comes immediately)