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   Bell ringing takes up a lot of my free time. If you don't know what change ringing is, a good introduction can be found here. Spiral
These ringing pages are about several areas in ringing that interest me. Some pages use MethodScript, a powerful piece of Javascript coding by Richard Smith and Ander Holroyd. Please email me with any comments, suggestions or ideas.

  • The full version of the ringing played on Radio 4's Midweek program  

  • Earis 23-spliced composition  

  • Ringing Theory Mailing List  

  • Streaming Live Peals & Handbell Recordings  

  • Cyclic Methods

  • Next Generation Cyclic Composition, including link methods 

  • Method Lines, Grids & Tables  

  • The most musical extent of minor  

  • PABS Magic 720  

  • 'Illegal' minor methods  

  • Symmetries in methods

  • No adjacent places 4-spliced  

  • Dixonoids, or rule-based constuctions

  • Article on Dixon's Bob Minor

  • Stedman Compositions  

  • Cylindrical Constuctions